Enriching life session comment piece: Catalytic Clothing by Professor Helen Storey

Catalytic Clothing – Our endeavour to purify the air around us through the surface of our clothing

Helen Storey -Catalytic Clothing (Catclo) is a collaborative and cross disciplinary project between Prof Helen Storey, of London College of Fashion (Center for Sustainable Fashion) and Prof Tony Ryan, PVC Faculty of Science at Sheffield University. They have been working together, colliding their very different imaginations for 9 years now, and have learnt much about the collaborative process and the success that can come when the problem worth solving is the consistent guide to all creative risks and decisions. What they share, is a clarity about the urgency of our times and that their collective and diverse skills are worth far more in partnership, than left alone within their respective disciplines. Whilst each continues to deliver powerfully to their own individual worlds of science and culture, it is in the space in between that the possibility of the previously unimagined appears to rise; whilst delivering utility for science, and a new purpose for culture, with its ability to harness and involve public imagination in the development of the technology itself.

In recent years, in partnership with industry, they have been exploring the technical possibilities of delivering Catclo globally in the most democratic way possible – through the laundry process – and a project that started in open conversation, now speaks back at them, demanding, it seems, a new business model to bring this to market and make tangible impact on public health.

Professor Helen Storey – GGCS Enriching life speaker and panelist

(Photo by John Ross)

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  1. I’m really curious!

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