Health session comment piece: The Race to Develop Individualised Medicine by Professor Qimin Zhan

 The Race to Develop Individualised Medicine

Prof. Zhan Qimin (1)In the present time, the major chronic non-infectious diseases, such as malignant cancers, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, have become the common threads worldwide, but the conventional therapeutic approaches are thought to almost reach the “glass ceiling”, and have now shown limited power in conquer these health problems. Recent years, the concept and practice of individualized medicine appear to lighten such candle for the hope of providing better diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. A number of investigations by the scientists of different countries have demonstrated that personalized medicine is able to solve the tough clinical issues, including improving efficacy of targeting drugs, eliminating drug resistance, prediction of prognosis. However, several critical issues that support the practice of personalized medicine remain to be further determined, including the development of bio-bank, identification and validation of biomarkers and research data sharing. Therefore, several questions need to be well discussed:

  1. How to develop the effective communications between clinicians and researchers. Through such interaction, the clinical observations can be properly/precisely translated into scientific issues, which can be conducted in the research lab.
  2. How to develop the high quality clinic information-related bio-bank, which mainly requires the motivation of clinicians.
  3. How to develop the national network among multiple clinical centers to facilitate the data sharing.
  4. How to develop the international collaboration, which is able to attract the interests from the scientists and clinical experts in different countries in order to conquer global health threads.

by Professor Qimin Zhan – GGCS health session speaker and panelist

Vice President, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences

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    Please keep us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

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