Technology & growth session comment piece: Dr Mike Lynch shares his views about what makes an innovator

Dr Mike Lynch

Innovation is a creative process. Just as no-one can write a formula to produce great art and Michaelangelo didn’t paint by numbers, innovation is not reproducible in the simplistic way the current peddlers of the global innovation and entrepreneurship analysis industries expound from lecture podiums. Management consultancy platitudes did not figure in Brunel or Steve Job’s world. Yes we can furnish the brushes, yes we can create a studio and develop new pigments, but in the final analysis the cultural subtleties and creative realities of true and powerful innovation are more elusive. Government attempts to foster innovation are littered with failure, unintended consequences and waste. Real innovators don’t attend management consultancy lectures, or write jargon-filled papers on the subject, they are busy innovating. Let’s learn from them.

by Dr Mike Lynch – GGCS Technology & growth session speaker and panelist

Founder, Invoke Capital

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