Technology and growth session: “Academics need connections in places they didn’t know” – Dr Margaret Anne Craig

Margaret Anne CraigIn order to get great research to products, academics need connections in places they didn’t know. They need active encouragement and confidence to step into the commercial world. The skills and mentorship largely don’t exist or aren’t part of a universities extensive network.

There is a true need for advisors and the government could help fund a high class, probably expensive team of skilled seasoned professionals who can act as mentors, chairmen and accelerators. We entrepreneurs do waste a lot of time making connections and missing chances. It’s a simple thought but from personal experience would be a major help.

To the final point, as Bill Gates said in his recent Dimbleby lecture on a subject which is right in my sphere, innovation intrinsically betters the human lot none more so than in healthcare. Drug discovery is arguably one of the most important research activities helping the wealthy and poor in the world. Clyde Biosciences has an innovated solution to remove 20 percent of drug discovery costs and in addition will give the next level of safety assurance. In commercial terms it will allow millions of dollars to be saved that will allow more people, helped by the likes of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation the world’s biggest charity, stay alive and well and contribute themselves to mankind.

by Dr Margaret Anne Craig – GGCS Technology and growth session panellist

Chief Executive Officer at Clyde Biosciences

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