Enriching life session comment piece: Advances in Cognitive Computing by Eric Brown

Read Angelinajohn’s response to Eric Brown’s comment piece … What are your thoughts?

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Advances in Cognitive Computing

Eric High Res PicOne of the greatest challenges facing most businesses is how to make effective use of enormous and growing volumes of data.  We often refer to this as a Big Data problem.  The statistics are shocking – 90% of the world’s data was created in the last two years, while 80% of the worlds data is unstructured.  In the medical field alone the amount of information is doubling every 5 years, yet healthcare providers have precious little time to keep up with all of this information.  Unstructured information, especially human knowledge captured in text, is a challenging resource to leverage in computer systems.

To address these challenges, IBM is working on the next era of computing systems, called Cognitive Computing.  Cognitive systems represent the third major era of computing, following the first era of tabulating machines and the second era of programmable computers.  Cognitive systems represent a…

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